Ozone Cancer Therapy in Germany

March 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

The ozone therapy for cancer treatment in Germany has come a long way since its discovery at the beginning of the last century. It was Dr Otto Warburg who first said that when a cell doesn’t receive oxygen, that cell will irreversibly be damaged, later causing cancer.

Nowadays, ozone therapy has become one of the most respected alternative cancer treatments because of its effectiveness.

In the 1930’s, Dr. Otto WProstate Cancer Centerarburg was awarded the Nobel for his theory about cancer cells. According to that theory, once deprived of oxygen, the cell is forced to resort to an inferior energy production technique, which is fermentation. From this point on, the cancerous cell begins to reproduce itself uncontrollably because of carcinogens. So, the key to the effective removal of toxins depends heavily on the oxygen intake within the system. Thus several types of therapies such as ozone therapies for cancer treatment in Germany have been developed, with the scope of curing cells by providing huge amounts of oxygen to those cells.

Sometime in the 1980’s Dr Michael Carpendale reported that with ozone therapy cancer cells were inhibited by up to 90 percent. Slowly, the effectiveness of this cancer treatment in Germany became popular.

Taking the Cancer treatment in Germany one step further

When considering any type of alternative cancer treatment in Germany (or anywhere in the world for that matter), research your doctor and clinic. A challenge that may appear is that of the price. A series of ozone therapy can go up to $, 7000 for a series of sessions.

In Germany, for example, there is much data available such as doctor’s credentials and patient testimonials to help you with your choice. However, keep in mind that no alternative cancer treatment will have a 100% success rate.

There is also the option of natural cancer treatment in Germany. This type of cure usually provides over 50% success rates, compared to the 5% in chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Learn more about alternative cancer treatment in Germany and worldwide at http://www.placidway.com, where you can find free quotes, transparent pricing and also credentials and testimonials.


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