Medical Tourism Vacation or Just a Trip for Healthcare

April 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Having access to affordable and quality healthcare medically through publicly funded health care systems are in some cases beautiful dreams. However, some Canadians have that option, yet they still travel for treatments abroad.

They usually opt for orthopedic surgery, obesity surgery, LASIK eye surgery, stem cell therapy and other interventions. The public interest in medical travel in Canada is still going strong and it plays an important part in promoting health services.

For example, many of the Canadian business promoting medical travel are actually not medical tourism companies. To the contrary, numerous types of businesses promote medical travel because it is a business opportunity.

According to a research performed in 2012, there were almost 40 Canadian businesses marketing medical travel. The refinement of categories resulted in the identification of eighteen businesses fitting the category of what most Canadians would want, when it comes to medical tourism, others were about regional, cross-border health services available in the US and international travel to clinics in Canada. Nowadays, there are medical tourism companies that market holiday tours in addition to medical care.

However, Canadian medical tourism companies actually avoid it. There were a couple of businesses that provided some tests and a couple, which had obesity surgeries in Mexico. Four businesses offer health insurance products intended to cover the cost for private health care in the states. These businesses also help their clients arrange treatment beyond Canada’s borders.

With all the different approaches to market medical tourism, it makes it easier for a consumer to actually choose the services (even if it can be rather tricky with so many options). Different approaches usually lead to a wide variety to choose from and if one needs a treatment, he should be able to take the time and compare all the medical tourism offers available.


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