Laser Spine Surgery New Gizmo

April 17, 2013 § 1 Comment

Laser spine surgery is for those who suffer from back pain, usually spine affiliated. Laser surgical procedures can be open procedures and minimally invasive procedures. Open surgery requires a larger incision and muscle stripping and because it is such a delicate area, general anesthesia is usually performed. For a great outcome, operating experience, recuperation is needed with this type of traditional laser spine surgery. That is why most people opt for minimally invasive surgical techniques such as laser spine surgery. This involves tiny incisions in the skin and the specialized gizmo (in this case the high precision laser) is inserted. And because laser spine surgery causes a minimum amount of damage to muscle tissues, the recuperation time is reduced by more than a half.  Not to mention the rehabilitation – you can get back to your normal life in about a week and begin heavy lifting later – within one month or one month and a half.

Laser Spine and Pain InstituteThe laser spine surgery technology is used to separate or get a grip on tissue. Surgery alleviates the patient from pain in the neck, arms, lower as well as legs, depending on the source of pain and the patent’s overall health. The first step up a surgery is to make precise incisions to receive the affected area. These incisions are made using the laser.

The causes of back pain can differ and, sometimes the pain is treated by therapy. However, once you have a diagnosis you can research for the best treatment methods.

Laser spine surgery has not been around for ages. This is a rather new procedure but because it has so many advantages, it was adopted by most surgeons. Sometimes the traditional invasive procedures are still needed.

Laser Surgery is also used with herniated or ruptured discs in microdiscectomy – surgical removal of a part or an entire intervertebral disc. Laser beams are used in making small, precise incisions in eye surgery too. You need to know that when opting for laser spine surgery, look for an experienced surgeon.


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