Parkinson Stem Cell – A Cure

May 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Parkinson Stem Cell is a great innovation for all those who have dealt with the disease and their families. The year 2005 was when that precious information was releasedParkinson Stem Cell. In the medical journal Neurology, an article appeared that described a pilot study of a special diet for Parkinson’s Disease management.

The whole trial only took 28 days for seven people, of whom five completed the full month. The five patients had experienced improvements in their Parkinson’s disease, a condition that was previously thought of as irreversible. One of the participants’ testimonial has even been published in USA Today. The article thoroughly explained the diet requirements and how the female patient lost 26lbs, a rather impressive weight loss.

Parkinson Stem Cell vs. Parkinson Diet

A diet had led to the modest reversal of an irreversible disease with dramatic weight loss? It sounds too good to be true?! Yet that diet is what is known as the ketogenic diet. Just proteins, such as those found in meat or eggs each day, plus lots and lots of fat, no carbohydrates whatsoever were used. Under these eating conditions, the liver had begun to produce large quantities of ketone bodies – an excellent fuel for the brain, which is easily able to replace at least half of the daily glucose, considered as “essential”. It appears that if you feed dopaminergic brain cells on ketone bodies they stop dying, and maybe the diseased ones recover. Eating fat makes you fat, yet the ketogenic “fat” diets are excellent for weight loss and some improvement in disease.

On the other hand, the Parkinson stem cell therapy requires another type of diet and IV administration of stem cells. Embryonic stem cells have been successfully employed with the disease, and the testimonials in this area are overwhelming. Researchers are seeing massive improvements in the brain, that is the recovery of the diseased areas and the tremors reduced. While the total cure of the disease is still under development, the Parkinson Stem Cell treatment can bring massive improvement in many cases. See the clinics that apply the Parkinson  Stem Cell Therapy by visiting


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