6th International Forum Complex Support of Laboratories

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6th International Forum Complex Support of Laboratories
Event Dates : 15 October 2013- 17 October 2013
Contact : LMT Company  Phone : +380 (44) 526-90-25

The 6th International Forum Complex Support of Laboratories is a large-scale event, set to take place in Kyiv, Ukraine in October 15-17, 2013.

The event covers all aspects of the complex support of laboratories and laboratory analysis in all the branches of the industry, scientific researches and medicine:

  • Laboratory medicine
  • Science and education
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agrarian industry
  • Veterinary
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Water and water treatment
  • Electronics, electrical, instrumentation
  • Machinery
  • Metallurgy
  • Standardization and metrology
  • Ecology
  • Glass industry
  • Sanitary and epidemiological services
  • Forensics
  • Mining industry
  • Building industry
  • FEC. Oil and gas industry

      And more…

The 6th International Forum Complex Support of Laboratories is the main event of laboratory industry in Ukraine and will be held at the “KievExpoPlaza” Exhibition Center in 2B, Salyutna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and LMT Company are the main organizers and with each year that has gone by, the event has gained momentum and it will surely become a global reference for the Eastern Europe industry.

Forum Structure

LABForum is a section with a complex of actual scientific-to-practice and business events for laboratory market specialists: conferences, seminars, round tables on issues of development, equipping and re-equipping of laboratories, the introduction of innovations in all industries.

LABZone is focused on the Ukrainian Laboratory School. It is a zone of master-classes and presentations, featuring a unique opportunity to test equipment and to get qualified advice from the professionals.

More Laboratory forums:



LABComplEX – 6th International specialized exhibition of complex support of laboratories

Learn more about the forum here.

Specialized Expositions:

LABComplEX – Hi-Tech & NanoTech

LABComplEX – Science and Education         

LABComplEX – Industry

LABComplEX – Agro

LABComplEX – Medicine

LABComplEX – Pharm

LABComplEX – Water. Quality and Control

Learn about more Exhibitions here.

Supported by:

  •     Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  •     Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine
  •     Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
  •     Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  •     Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
  •     Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine
  •     National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
  •     National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine
  •     All-Ukrainian Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Facts and figures of the

5th International Forum Complex Support of Laboratories

Almost 300 companies from 16 countries attended the Event that spread across 6500 square meters.

More than 7000 International and Ukrainian specialists offered their knowledge throughout the 2012 event and the 14 scientific-to-practice events for specialists of laboratory industry was a success!

2012 participants came from: Poland, Russia, Belarus, USA, Ukraine, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan, China, Australia, India.

Take part and visit the 6th International Forum

Complex Support of Laboratories!

Attend the 6th International Forum

Complex Support of Laboratories to:

  • Get a fresh update and brainstorm with professionals from your field
  • See what’s new in laboratory technology
  • Get expert advice and test the latest industry devices
  • Connect to other industry fields
  • Connect your business to the world!

Special Features

of the 6th International Forum Complex Support of Laboratories

  • Special program «Days of the Pharmaceutical Industry»
  • Special program «Days of the Food Industry and the Agricultural Sector»
  • Special program «Days of Laboratory Medicine»
  • Special program «Science and Education Day»
  • Special program «Veterinary»
  • Ecology
  • Special program «Standardization. Metrology. Quality»
  • Water and Water Preparation

And many more…..

This will be the “must-not-miss” event for laboratory professionals worldwide!

Original Source: http://www.placidway.com/event/105/6th-International-Forum-Complex-Support-of-Laboratories


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