Effective FUE Hair Transplant in China

October 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

Are you tired of finding hair on your pillow each morning? Do you yearn for the hair you used to have?

You deserve to have it back!

Follicular Unit Extraction is a very safe procedure that will restore your hair, as well as your confidence!

Individuals perfectly suitable for Follicular Unit Extraction often have:

*Sparse hair or hair loss
*Sparse eyebrows
*Sparse Eyelashes, short or weak eyelashes
*Sparse pubic hair or no pubic hair
*Leucoderma clients with Partial white hair
*No hair cause due to scars

1385043097_FUE hair transplant wales internationalSTEP 11385043108_FUE hair transplant wales internationalSTEP 21385043350_FUE hair transplant wales internationalSTEP 3

Do you want to find out how you can restore your former beauty? The Wales International Medical Center in China offers an effective FUE Hair Transplant in China.  Don’t hesitate to contact us! It’s Free!


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