Ethnic Hair Transplant an Emerging Trend in Hair Restoration

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Ethnic Hair Transplant, an Emerging Trend in Hair Restoration

Nowadays, aesthetic treatments such as hair transplantation are now creatively modified to satisfy the every need of growing clientele. Hair transplantation techniques are now designed to meet the unique restoration needs of genders as it is performed differently for male, female and transgender patients.

Further, hair transplantation is now emerging to be “culture specific” as this involves adapting to the needs of different cultures as hairlines are different to Asian, African-American, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern clients. Every hair transplant specialist should be particular to the needs of the non-Western clientele, as this whether male or female, also make the bulk of most clients.

What is Ethnic Hair Transplant?

Ethnic hair restoration goes further than differences of good hairline design as a hair transplant specialist must create an apt and natural-looking hairline based on the ethnicity the client belongs to. Ethnic hair transplant techniques considers the uniqueness of different cultural hair characteristics in order to achieve natural-looking results.

For example, performing hair transplantation on a client with Asian heritage, the hair transplant expert considers that Asians have thick black and straight hair, which suggests that implants must be placed at low angles to seem natural. Meanwhile, with African-American hair restoration, the attention is on the proper harvesting of curly black hair that must be transplanted where the curly hair matches the “exit angles” of the scalp. Equally similar is the Middle Eastern and Hispanic hair restoration techniques as these patients’ have a naturally coarser hair that is restored to achieve thick hairlines. By deliberately knowing needed transplant details for every ethnicity, hair restoration specialists can achieve the most “aesthetically-pleasing” results to match with each client’s unique hair features.

Ethnic Hair Restoration Techniques

Customized harvest and implant techniques are utilized to specifically design the right hairline as well as putting into consideration the client’s age, gender, head shape, stage of hair loss and facial features to make the most aesthetically-appealing results that will also age well thru time. When harvesting the donor hair of clients, it is important that discomfort is minimized to be able to maximize the best yield and quality. In ethnic hair restoration, the techniques of linear harvesting as well as follicular unit extraction (FUE) methods are used. In FUE, donor hair is harvested without making an incision at the back of the head. FUE procedures are most commonly used for patients of African-American descent or for clients with curly hair. Clients who experienced FUE technique can wear the hair short without the scars of hair transplantation.

Who can benefit from ethnic hair restoration?

Male and female African-American, Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern clients experiencing thinning hair, hair loss, pattern baldness, as well as high hairlines can avail this unique hair restoration specialization.

How much is Ethnic Hair Transplant?

The prices for ethnic hair transplant will vary from client to client, based on a number of factors which include hair density, extent of hair loss, coverage area, and other factors that may affect the methods to be used and the number of grafts necessary during the procedure. During the initial consultation with a hair transplant specialist, your hair restoration needs will be assessed to accurately provide you with the costs based on your distinctive needs. Costs of a hair restoration is not affected by differences in ethnicity, but by a selection of factors deemed necessary to meet specific hair restoration needs.

In the US, the cost of hair transplant with FUE runs from $5,500 to $10,000 with an average cost of $8,825. In other countries that offer FUE techniques, the price starts at $3,100 – $5,250.

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