Breast Cancer Treatment at IEO, Milan, Italy

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The IEO Breast Cancer Program is aim at providing with a multidisciplinary technique, excellence in diagnostics, clinical and surgical approaches, and clinically oriented research, to accomplish the maximum effectiveness of the service to patients. It is based upon a concrete personal approach to women with breast cancer. The personalization permits to get a treatment with the most extreme effectiveness and a positive and constructive relationship between patients and their care givers, conditions in which fear and doubt can be replaced by greater knowledge and regained hope.

The treatment of breast cancer depends on surgery connected with radiation treatment and pharmacological treatment according to the specific situation. An element of excellence that describes the IEO Breast Program is the precise natural learning of every individual tumor before beginning treatment. Breast Cancer Treatment Program consists of:

* Surgery
* Radiotherapy
* Intraoperative Radiotherapy
* Nipple-sparing Mastectomy
* Pharmacological treatments for breast cancer

Physicians at the IEO have developed and validated the most widely used and effective techniques in surgical care through integration with radiotherapy and pharmacology procedures adopted today worldwide.

Where is the treatment performed?

IEO offers a comprehensive program for the prevention, determining risk factors, early detection, as well as surgical

and medical treatment with the latest technology available. It is performed at:

IEO – Division of Senology, Milan, Italy

The Program performed by:

·  Breast Surgeons
·  Breast Imaging Radiologist
·  Radiotherapist
·  Plastic Surgeon
·  Pathologist

The patient has the possibility to choose the referent surgeon.

For more information about the treatments and procedures offered for Breast Cancer by Istituto Europeo di Oncologia, click here:





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